Aero Bases 1.0.1
A Plug-in for FileMaker Pro
from Gecko Tribe, LLC

Aero Bases is a plug-in for FileMaker Pro. It makes the following calculation functions available to calculation fields and ScriptMaker scripts:

Base Conversions:
ToDecimal: Converts a number to decimal format.
ToHexidecimal: Converts a number to hexidecimal format.
ToOctal: Converts a number to octal format.
ToBinary: Converts a number to binary format.
NumToASCII: Converts a number to an ASCII character.
ASCIIToNum: Converts an ASCII character to a number.

Version: Displays the version string for the Aero Bases plug-in.
Help: Returns a brief description and example for the Aero Bases function named.
About: Displays the "About Box" dialog box for the Aero Bases plug-in.

Please refer to the Aero Bases Users Guide for more details.

Software Requirements:

Macintosh: FileMaker Pro 4 through 6 for Macintosh and MacOS 8 or MacOS 9. The Macintosh version of Aero Bases is a fat binary--it will run at native speeds on either a PowerMacintosh or an older "68K" based Macintosh.
Windows: FileMaker Pro 4 through 6 for Windows and one of: Windows95 or higher, or Windows NT 4.0 or higher.

Free Trial Version Download:

You may download a trial version of Aero Bases to use for evaluation purposes. The trial version download archives contain the Aero Bases Users Guide and a demonstration database which will explain all of Aero Bases' functions. The trial version fully supports all of the functions of the full version, except that it will only function for a limited number of minutes at a time, after which it may be reenabled by quitting and restarting FileMaker Pro.

Aero Bases 1.0.1 Trial Version for Macintosh and Power Macintosh (StuffIt archive)
Aero Bases 1.0.1 Trial Version for Windows (ZIP archive)


Compatible with FileMaker Pro versions 4 through 6 on MacOS 8, MacOS 9 and Windows

Free Trial Version Download

Purchase the full version of Aero Bases:

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By ordering software from Gecko Tribe, LLC, you acknowledge that you have read and accept the terms of our Software License Agreement.

(US Dollars)
Number of User Licenses
Multi-user licenses ship on a single disc.
  1 2 5 10 *Site *Company
Macintosh $7.50 14 30 50 100 150
Windows 7.50 14 30 50 100 150
Hybrid* 14 25 50 90 100 150
Developer* 7 12 26 42 90 130

*Site license: With a site license you may use an unlimited number of copies of Aero Bases at a single location.
*Company license: With a company license, you may use an unlimited number of copies of Aero Bases at any of your company's locations.
*Hybrid: Includes both Macintosh and Windows versions. With a hybrid license, you may use double the number of copies of Aero Bases listed, on any combination of Macintosh and Windows computers. For example, with a 2 user hybrid license, you could use 3 copies on Macintosh and 1 copy on Windows, or 2 of each, etc.
*Developer: Developers redistributing Aero Bases must complete a contract with Gecko Tribe, LLC to receive this discount. You must ensure that your clients purchase a sufficient number of licenses, whether or not your solution is priced differently based on the number of users. You are also required to ensure that your clients accept Gecko Tribe, LLC's software license agreement. In addition to this discount for developers reselling licenses, we can build special "Limited Edition" versions which support only the functions required by your solution. These may be licensed at $0.25 and up per copy, depending on how many functions you require.

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