Toss Email Junk
an AppleScript applet by Antone Roundy
for use with Claris Em@iler
from Gecko Tribe, LLC

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What it Does:
Toss Email Junk throws away a bunch of types of files that commonly appear in Em@iler's downloads folder but aren't usually useful. How to Use It:

  1. Doubleclick Toss Email Junk to open it in the AppleScript Editor.
  2. Change the line:
    set myFolder to "diskname:path:to:Em@iler:Downloads:Folder"
    so that it indicates the location of your Em@iler downloads folder. For example, if your copy of Em@iler is on a disk named "GooseLips" in a folder named "ClarisEm@iler" in a folder named "Applications", the line should be changed to:
    set myFolder to "GooseLips:Applications:ClarisEm@iler:Downloads"
    At least I think that's right. I use the Japanese version of Em@iler, so I'm not sure what the Downloads folder is named in the english version.
  3. Optionally delete any of the lines indicating types of files to delete, or add new ones. Note that there are two statements for each type of file, for example:
    (theItem as string is "Enclosed.html")
    ((theItem begins with "Enclosed#") and (theItem ends with ".html"))
    are both necessary to catch all of the "Enclosed.html" files that are created when you receive an email containing HTML formatted text.
  4. Save and close Toss Email Junk.
  5. Put Toss Email Junk in your Em@iler AppleScripts folder.
  6. If Em@iler is running, stop and restart it.
  7. Select Toss Email Junk from Em@iler's AppleScripts menu.
All files with the indicated names are moved to the garbage can.

Sometimes you may receive files with the names indicated which you do not want to delete. For example, you may receive an email that contains only HTML formatted text and no plain text. If so, you will need to either rename the file or move the file out of Em@iler's Downloads folder before running Toss Email Junk.

Toss Email Junk is freeware. You may do whatever you want with long as it's legal! I'd appreciate it if you would leave my name and URL in the Description area. I'd also appreciate it if you would let me know if you redistribute it.

Toss Email Junk is provided as-is with no warrantee whatsoever. By using it, you agree to indemnify me against all liability for any loss of data, damages, etc. or any consequential effect. If you do not accept these terms, then you are not licensed to use it.

Bonus information for users of the Japanese version of Claris Em@iler:
The Japanese version of Claris Em@iler 2.0 contains an easter egg which may be triggered as follows:

  1. Bring up any dialog containing a password field (for example, the settings for an account).
  2. Select an odd number of characters in the password field beginning after an odd number of characters. For example, select the second character.
  3. Drag and drop the selection to the desktop or some other application.
A haiku is displayed.

© 2001 Gecko Tribe, LLC