Save / Set Type
an AppleScript applet by Antone Roundy
from Gecko Tribe, LLC

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What it Does:
Save / Set Type sets the file and creator type of a document so that they can be opened by double-clicking using the correct application. A few things I use it for include:

  • Setting the types of PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files I've downloaded from the web. These usually don't get their creator and file type set correctly...although I could probably configure my web browser to do it right.
  • Converting SimpleText files to the creator type of my favorite text editor.
  • Converting my Netscape MagicCookie file to text and back to a MagicCookie so that I can edit it more easily.
  • Converting README files for my AppleScript applets to"Teach Text Read Only" files.
Okay, technically, I'm not converting the files, just changing their types, but you get the idea.

How to Use It:
To save a file and creator type:

  1. Drag and drop a document of the target type on Save / Set Type. For example, to configure Save / Set Type to set a file's type to PDF, drag and drop a PDF file whose creator and type are already set correctly on Save / Set Type.
  2. Click "Configure".
  3. Optionally change the name of the applet to something describing the type it sets files to.
To set the creator and type of a file:
  1. Drag and drop a file on Save / Set Type.
  2. Click "Set".
Note: You may set the types of multiple files at once by dropping more than one file at a time on Save / Set Type.

To reconfigure Save / Set Type so that you don't have to click "Set" every time:

  1. Doubleclick Save / Set Type.
  2. Click "Fix".
To make Save / Set Type put up the "configure/set" dialog again so that you can reconfigure it to set files to a different type:
  1. Doubleclick Save / Set Type.
  2. Click "Unfix".
To see the file type and creator type that Save / Set Type is set to set files to:
  1. Doubleclick Save / Set Type.
  2. Read.
  3. Click "Cancel".
Save / Set Type is freeware. You may do whatever you want with long as it's legal! I'd appreciate it if you would leave my name and URL in the Description area. I'd also appreciate it if you would let me know if you redistribute it.

Save / Set Type is provided as-is with no warrantee whatsoever. By using it, you agree to indemnify me against all liability for any loss of data, damages, etc. or any consequential effect. If you do not accept these terms, then you are not licensed to use it.

© 2001 Gecko Tribe, LLC